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Ladies like World Cup Thighlights.

Jezebel brings us a daily dose of quads, glutes and beautifully toned hammys. Every day an around-the-world buffet awaits. Watch the nations of the world unite—under a light layer of mesh.

Enjoy this weekend’s treasure trove.

World Cup Weekend Thighlights: there were plenty of abs this weekend, to be sure — but there are so many other parts of the athletic form that deserve recognition. Like legs, those rippling staples of the beautiful game.

german thighs

Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger rumbles with Milos Ninkovic of Serbia. Bravo, boys.

english thighs

Gareth Barry of England’s gams, Algerian Hassan Yebda’s stems, inadvertent upshort shot — there’s a lot going on here!

cameroon thighs

Cameroon may have lost at the hands (feet?) of Denmark, but here Sebastien Bassong’s quads are the real winner. Not that we would kick Nicklas Bendtner’s legs out of bed for eating crackers.

italian thighs

Ricarardo Montolivo gambe italiani sono molto bella.

japanese thighs

John Heitinga of the Netherlands and Keisuke Honda of Japan, in warm embrace, also want to make you feel warm…and tingly, perhaps.
brazilian thighs

Not only do we get a shot here of Elano’s muscular thighs, but we also witness a moment of shared joy with Kako. Nothing chokes us up quite like Brazilian uni-monikered man-love.

american thighs

And an obligatory shout-out to Landon “Legs” Donovan. Also: Maybe it’s just me, but the white stripe on Team USA’s jerseys makes them look like they’re competing in some kind of Mister Universe pageant.

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